Research Project
Debatendo a Procriação Medicamente Assistida

Leading Researcher: Luísa Neto e Rute Teixeira Pedro

It is obvious that, as a form of social regulation, the Law has never been so harassed by an open conception of the human, nor so permeable to public opinion, this line aims to critically address the issues that changes in social life bring to regulation of legal science as a paradigm of coexistence founded on the dignity of the human person, v.g. in the areas of privacy, “bio-rights”, cultural accommodation.


"The Shape of Law to Come"
2. Vulnerability and diversity: fundamental rights in context

Leading Researcher: Luísa Neto / Anabela Costa Leão

If the Law has a clear mission of conformation of social life and human behaviour, it is important to not perch in shameless ivory tower. If the coercive power of Law assumes as accepted the authority of the legislator, this cannot be a closed process. The choice of the themes resulted from observing that, as a form of social regulation, never has the Law been so harassed by an open design of the human, not as permeable to the public opinion. Thus, this project focuses on bio law topics, privacy and cultural accommodation and aims to reflect on fundamental rights in a context of diversity. 

January 2018 / APRIL 2021

"The Shape of Law to Come"
4. Tax Evasion in Portugal: The Relationship between Taxpayers and Tax Authority

Leading Researcher: José Neves Cruz

An increasingly large body of literature shows that taxpayers’ perception of tax authorities is an important factor in tax evasion. It is therefore necessary to examine how tax authorities are perceived by the Portuguese taxpayers in order to design the best policies to tackle tax evasion. 

2018 / 2022

Research Project
Permutations and Combinations Society: Legal Problems of the Sharing Economy

Leading Researcher: Maria Regina Redinha

Permutations and Combinations Society was a major research project conducted by CIJ since 2016 with the output of an international conference held at its symposium in Porto on the 6th and 7th October 2017, which brought together leading researchers on the legal implications of the sharing economy, from Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Italy, United Kingdom and Israel.

January 2016 / March 2020

Research Project
RECAP – Research on European Children and Adults Born Preterm / Design processes and tools to link cohorts with routine sources of data

Leading Researcher: Maria Regina Redinha / Inês Camarinha Lopes

Instituto de Saúde Pública da Universidade do Porto - ISPUP / CIJ

In partnership with ‘’Instituto de Saúde Pública da Universidade do Porto – ISPUP’’, CIJ takes part on the research project ‘’RECAP - Research on European Children and Adults Born Preterm’’, whose objectives are describing and comparing the challenges, opportunities and the current status of record-linkage processes of health and educational data in three European countries – the Netherlands, Portugal and Finland.

CIJ's collaboration in this project ended in october 2019.

January 2019 / October 2019