PROTECT-C (Protective Factors Against Antisocial Behavior in Socioeconomically Vulnerable Children and Youth)

Leading Researcher: Margarida Santos

The PROTECT-C project aims to investigate how schools, families, and residential areas can protect against the development of antisocial behavior in children and young people living in socio-economically deprived areas.

The team, led by researcher Ana Margarida Santos, includes Gilda Santos (CIJ/FDUP), Carla Cardoso (CIJ/FDUP), Hugo Gomes, Josefina Castro (CIJ/FDUP), Samuel Moreira (CIJ/FDUP), Inês Sousa Guedes (CIJ/FDUP), and Inês Fonseca (FDUP student).

Funded by the "Social Observatory" of the "la Caixa" Foundation, the study aims to develop knowledge to inform public prevention and intervention policies for children and young people experiencing socio-economic vulnerability. It seeks to identify contextual factors that can enhance normative development, promote social inclusion, and reduce inequality in access to opportunities.