About this Journal

RED — Revista Electrónica de Direito (Electronic Law Review) is an electronic open access journal published three times a year (Feb./Jun./Oct.) on behalf of the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto (U.Porto) and its Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Justice (CIJ). RED intents to promote and publish interdisciplinary scientific research in the fields of business law and economics, favouring research on comparative law and EU law, as well as contributions from different Portuguese speaking countries. The review is designed with the purpose of appealing to different law professionals, such as practitioners, university lecturers, judges and post-graduate students. RED aims to establish a high-quality, specialized, up to date and freely accessible new publishing space. In addition, the review aims to be the result of informal cooperation between academics and other practitioners working in fields of business law and economics, as well as several national and foreign institutions, allowing for the use of different working languages and the publication of works varying in extent.

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

RED (Revista Electrónica de Direito) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal committed to ensuring the highest standards of ethics in publication and quality of articles. Conformance to principles of publication ethics is expected of all parties involved in the act of publishing.