SUCCEED – How is the behavior of others able of shaping our own? Community violence and children’s misconduct

Leading Researcher: Gilda Santos

The SUCCEED project aims to investigate how exposure to violent behavior in the community affects the development of aggressive and delinquent behavior in children and young people. Additionally, the project will explore the indirect effects of various contextual and individual variables on this relationship.

The team, led by researcher Gilda Santos (CIJ/FDUP), includes Ana Margarida Santos (CIJ/FDUP), Carla Cardoso (CIJ/FDUP), Hugo Gomes, Josefina Castro (CIJ/FDUP), Samuel Moreira (CIJ/FDUP), Inês Sousa Guedes (CIJ/FDUP), and Diana Almeida (FDUP student).

Funded by the "Social Observatory" of the "la Caixa" Foundation, the study aims to contribute to the development of effective strategies and policies to prevent aggressive and delinquent behaviors. It also seeks to promote proper functioning and social adjustment in children and young people facing vulnerable situations and contexts.