Instructions to authors

Papers should be sent by mail to: Only original articles will be accepted. RED uses Turnintin to check for plagiarism.
All works will be subject to a double-blind peer review process, conducted by two independent and anonymous specialist reviewers, who shall take into account (i) the topicality and interest of the subject matter, (ii) clarity and accuracy of the research, (iii) the correctness of the analysis on case law and legislation and (iv) compliance with the publication’s style norms. Authors may be requested to consider changes to the work submitted, according to the reviewers´ observations.
The final decision on the publication of the work is taken by the Editorial Board and the Executive Board, whose members shall take into account the review reports prepared by the referees.
RED does not charges any fees to the author, from submission, editing or publication.

Papers can be written in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, English or German and should comply with the following rules:
—   author’s identity and affiliation (institution, address, e-mail, Orcid ID)
—   max. 10.000 words 
—   title in English/Portuguese (or other accepted language)
—   abstract/resumo in English/Portuguese  (or other accepted language) (150-200 words)
—   6 keywords/palavras-chave in English/Portuguese (or other accepted language)
—   summary
—   word text, font verdana size 9, line spacing 1,5
—   footnotes in word, numbering continuous, font verdana size 7,5, single line spacing
—   text divisions:

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Authors are requested to sign a consent form authorizing the publication of the accepted manuscripts and retain the copyright of their papers without restrictions.

Texts are published under a Creative Commons non-Commercial No Derivatives licence 4.0 (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).