YEAR 2024 No 1

ISSN 2182-9845

Trade Facilitation and Single Window in the European Union

Víctor Nikiforovich Sidorov / Elena Sidorova


Trade facilitation; single window; European Union; regional integration; International Law.


Trade facilitation stands as a critical element in propelling economic development both at the national and regional levels. This article delves into the case study of the European Union (EU), examining the implementation of trade facilitation measures and single window systems aimed at promoting a more efficient and seamless integration among member countries. The analysis highlights two pivotal techniques employed by the EU: the negative technique involving the reduction of regulations and the positive technique of legislative harmonization. Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive overview of the EU's proactive approach toward interoperability, emphasizing key initiatives such as the Interoperability framework and the deployment of a single window. This study is dedicated to a meticulous analysis and evaluation of current initiatives within the single-window framework for customs and maritime operations. The EU's experience in trade facilitation and the deployment of single windows offers valuable insights that can serve as guiding principles for other regional integrations and nations in formulating analogous measures for enhanced economic integration.