Services and Social Interactions

CIJ has a multidisciplinary team of researchers drawn from a group of individuals with both a variety of backgrounds and career paths.
The Centre has performed numerous studies and given many legal opinions and is always opened to new proposals for work and scientific collaboration.

Amongst the more recent activities in applied research are interventions such as:
The qualification of businesses for the purpose of Act 42/2017, 14th June
The contractual position of invited university professors
The interpretation of clauses from collective bargaining agreements
The survival of collective bargaining agreement arrangements when a business ownership is transferred

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Office for Legislative Policy and Case Law

On 22 April 2022, at the Rectory of the University of Porto, the "Mission Group for the Recognition of the Climate as a Common Heritage of Humanity" was formalised, with the aim of developing, cooperating and advising on issues that contribute to achieving, , in a more efficient and lasting way, the goal of recognising the stable climate as a Common Heritage of Humanity.

CIJ is among the original members.