YEAR 2024 No 1

ISSN 2182-9845

Has the rise of post-pandemic digital labour fostered the crisis of global trade unionism? A brief analysis of the current trade union scenario

Gothardo Backx van Buggenhout


Weakening of trade unionism; SARS-CoV2 coronavirus pandemic; Digital labour; Revitalisation.


We assess the consequences of the advance of digital labour on trade union relations as the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus pandemic unfolds. The global response has accelerated the shift towards a stronger globalisation of work. As an issue that cuts across society, the evolution of technologies, especially with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, is challenging for traditional actors in the world of work who are used to working in a face-to-face format. This article, therefore, discusses the distinct possibilities for the revitalisation of trade unionism post-pandemic.

Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. The globalisation of work
3. The labour market crisis
4. Labour in the digital age
5. The post-pandemic crisis of trade unionism
6. Will trade unionism survive?
7. Conclusion