YEAR 2019 N.º 1

ISSN 2182-9845

Contemporary slavery in Brazil, its "names" and the dirty list: impacts/covenants and backspaces

Anne Gabriele Alves Guimarães / Isabele Bandeira de Moraes D’Angelo


Contemporary Slavery; Dirty list; Neoliberalism; Precariousness; Social dumping; Boycott.


The current study searches for the analysis of the labor in similar conditions than ones of slave, making a counterpoint to the concept of “decent labor” established by the international working legislations. Inside the global neoliberal concept and the productive capitalist process, there is the proposal of investigating a device in the combat of the contemporary slavery: the dirty list. Although the polemics around it, it’s believed to be an effective way to restrain degradant practices of the labor’s capacities and the human dignity by exerting strong pressure in the mart. The disclosure of the dirty list ends being antagonistic to the pretensions of the business elite, because it makes reflect above the reproductive people of dominant social relationships, namely, The State, big corporations and the mart. It uses descriptive and exploratory methodology.