YEAR 2010

ISBN 978-972-40-4225-1

The 10 Years of CIJ Research - Legal-Economic Studies

Glória Teixeira, Ana Sofia Carvalho (coords.)



CIJ began its training process in 1998 with the indispensable support of Prof. Alberto Amaral, at the time Dean of the University of Porto (UP), and of the Faculty of Economics of the UP, through its Director, Prof. José Costa.

Its scientific activity began in 1999, with the recognition and financial support of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). Since then, it has been internationally evaluated and obtained, throughout its 10 years of scientific work, the classification of very good.

Initially having a reduced scientific team, it saw its number of doctorates grow and broaden its scope of influence, both nationally and internationally. Collaboration with other national and foreign institutions has enriched its researchers and allowed the creation of multidisciplinary teams and the development of scientific projects where the fundamental aspects of CIJ research have crossed and presented solutions.

Along this path, CIJ participated in international projects, with foreign universities and international organizations (European Commission and OECD) - see projects in tax law and communications law fields - and provided services to the national and international community, of significant relevance and impact: for example, services provided at the municipal level, especially for the Porto City Council, multinationals and national representative associations.

At the same time, CIJ, through its researchers, has been providing continuous collaboration to the Faculty of Law of the UP, promoting and actively participating in postgraduate and master's courses in tax law and labour law fields.

Its research activity also focuses on the orientation of research and doctoral projects, disseminating its results at national and international level through the organization and participation in conferences.

The high number of national and international publications attests to the vitality of its research, also illustrated in this commemorative work that brings together research work by undergraduate, master and doctoral students from the Faculty of Law of the UP.

Its internationalization is felt through its growing integration in international research networks, especially in ​​tax law, and through the conclusion of research partnerships with other foreign universities.

This work also integrates its indispensable contributions, in areas of fundamental law for this new century.

The success achieved by CIJ is due to the cohesion of its team and strong motivation and international support. A great acknowledgement is due to the CIJ's Permanent Scientific Advisory Committee, which has been auditing internally and guiding its scientific activity. The work of this Commission was essential for its implantation and growing affirmation in society.

Finally, this work must publicize some examples of scientific work provided to the community, based on cohesive and multidisciplinary research teams.
As coordinator of CIJ, I would like to express my great esteem and consideration to CIJ researchers, thanking them for their valuable effort and motivation throughout this scientific adventure. We walked for 10 years and we will certainly continue to be united in the future, aware of the difficult mission of being a researcher in Law in Portugal.

I dedicate this work to my daughter Mafalda for her patience, understanding and generosity.

Porto, May 2, 2010.

The CIJ Coordinator,
Gloria Teixeira