Colloquium | "Nothing is more sustainable than democracy"

FDUP's Main Hall & Online

22 April 2024

As part of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of 25 April, the FDUP is hosting the colloquium "Nothing is more sustainable than democracy" on 22 April, a hybrid event consisting of two round tables followed by a discussion on the topic.

The date being celebrated forces us to rethink how to renew and reaffirm our ongoing commitment to democracy. A commitment whose future projection is of undeniable importance, as has already been pointed out by the International Commission on Education for the 21st Century, which worked under the aegis of UNESCO and is now clearly aligned with the concerns of the United Nations Fund for Democracy, the Council of Europe and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. The contribution to a democracy rooted in people's hearts cannot do without Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights, as enshrined in Recommendation CM/Rec (2010) 7 of the Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

While this was evident in the Millennium Development Goals declared by the UN in 2000, it is now evident in the more ambitious post-2015 agenda that identifies the Sustainable Development Goals ('SDGs') until 2030. In a Faculty of Law, where education for justice is to be found in law, this articulation cannot do without the link between education and fundamental rights. This is the context of the proposed challenge: i) How can the SDGs achieve the democratisation objectives of 1974? and ii) How can the SDGs shed light on the norms of the 1976 Basic Law.

The event "Nothing is more sustainable than democracy" is scheduled to start at 2pm, in person at the FDUP's Salão Nobre and online. Participation requires the registration here.