Short Course "Sociology and Professional Regulation of Arbitrators and Commercial Arbitration"

On 19 October, a short course will be given by Professor João Ilhão Moreira, from the University of Macau, from 3pm to 5pm. The theme of the short course is "Sociology and Professional Regulation of Arbitrators and Commercial Arbitration".

It is organised by Professor Tiago Azevedo Ramalho.

Abstract: This lecture provides an overview of how and why the regulation of international arbitrators has diverged from that of other professions. It is argued that, despite the differences from other professional fields, there is an effective regulatory environment that oversees the behaviour of arbitrators. This seminar will analyse the different elements that contribute to the creation and enforcement of professional standards in this field, arguing that the specific characteristics of the arbitration market create strong incentives for the development of ethical standards, even in the absence of the institutions that normally deal with such issues in other fields. It also describes how market and social forces lead arbitrators to comply with these norms in most circumstances. Finally, this talk will address the limitations of this regulatory framework by addressing how this regulatory system also explains some of the perceived weaknesses of arbitration, namely the increased costs of proceedings and the perception that the arbitration community does not show sufficient diversity.

Admission is free, but subject to registration via the form available here.

A certificate will be issued to participants who request it.