YEAR 2022 No 3

ISSN 2182-9845

Leasing of goods with digital elements: ¿what rules, European and Spanish, about conformity of digital products with the contract?

Lídia Arnau Raventós


Lease of goods; goods with digital elements, conformity; continuous supply.


The purpose of the comment is to analyze if the European law imposes any certain regulation regarding the leasing of goods with digital elements, in particular, about conformity of theses goods with de contract. The digital nature of one of the components of this kind of mixed goods justify the application of Directive (UE) 2019/770, concerning supply of digital content and digital services. In addition, the rules relating to continuous supply must be applied because of the continuous lessor´s obligation. At last, the comment assesses whether in Spanish law the regulation leads to the application of the internal rules that have incorporated Dir. 2019/770 into domestic law.