YEAR 2021 N.º 2

ISSN 2182-9845

The Vesting Contract and its application in Innovation in Brazilian Law

Simone Menezes Gantois


Vesting Contract; Innovation; Startups; Trading company; Stock-option; Corporate law.


The objective of this article is the comprehension of the innovation environment, its behavior and its objectives. Therefore, to recognize it as way to the construction of legal relationships capable of being used by the contractual models, including the Vesting Contract. Thus, from the perspective of Innovation, to know the origin of the institute, define and highlight an overview of this agreement in Brazil, seeking to demonstrate its use for this purpose within this environment. In addition, we aim in this paper to present the reader with the multiplicity of clauses that can be inserted in this agreement, allowing its customization in order to fulfill the variety of concrete situations which should be presented. The methodology used was documentary research, through the analysis of legal documents and scientific articles, influenced by the author's empirical experience, demonstrating how the Vesting contract plays this role of assisting the instruments for attracting human and financial resources.