YEAR 2020 N.º 1

ISSN 2182-9845

The Sports Employment Contract: forms of contract termination at the initiative of the worker

Helena Maria Couto de Almeida


Sports employment contract; Law No. 54/2017 of July 14; stabilizing term; termination of employment contract; termination clauses; just cause of termination.


In terms of a sports employment contract, regulated by Law No. 54/2017 of July 14, the rules presented to us are quite different from those provided in the general regime of the Labour Code. The world of sport entails specificities inherent to the practice of sports activity. The sports employment contract acts as a fixed term contract, commonly called a stabilizing term, in which the worker / player is unable to terminate the contract without further ado. The termination of the contract by the worker / player implies that the so-called termination clause is triggered, which severely limits the freedom of the worker. The worker / player is also granted the possibility to disengage before the tempus if there is just cause. Therefore, it is very important to know what facts / behaviors can substantiate the just cause to be invoked by the player.