YEAR 2019 N.º 2

ISSN 2182-9845

The olfative brand in the new industrial property code of Mozambique

Salomão António Muressama Viagem


Brand; olfactory; graphic representation; Mozambique; Industrial Property Code; new brands.


The most recent Industrial Property Code of Mozambique (CPIM), approved by Decree 41/2015 of 31 December, brought, among other innovations in the field of trademarks, the consecration of the olfactory brand, one of the "new complex in terms of distinctive capacity and graphic representation, the latter being a very controversial aspect in the field of registration assumptions of the new brands. Although the problem of graphic representation has been circumvented by the European Union trademark law in accordance with its new Trademark Directive ( (EU) 15/2436 of Parliament and Council of 16 December 2015) which has removed it from the range of requirements of the trademark concept; many legal systems such as Mozambican law still maintain it. In fact, the reason for this theme is: to study the olfactory mark and its tutelage in Mozambique. The graphic representation of the new brands, and especially of the olfactory mark, is generally problematic. It seems that the new Industrial Property Code of Mozambique has been daring to consecrate this type of mark following the brand name (of the same species was provided for in the previous Code without however having known a single application for registration so far among other possible reasons, due to the difficulty of graphical representation. Will not end the olfactory mark by following the same path and be another type of trademark foreseen in CPIM without any registration? Nevertheless, with the consecration of the olfactory mark, the attention of the Mozambican legislator must be recognized and welcomed by the dynamics of the types of brands that currently have as a whole the new brands as an undeniable reality.

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