YEAR 2018 N.º 2

ISSN 2182-9845

Soft Law and good governance in the cryptocurrencies market

João Vieira dos Santos


Soft Law; Good Governance; Cryptocurrencies; Blockchain; Auto-regulation; Regulation.


The greater demands of competitiveness between companies, in the global context has overly affected the economical organization of our society, where an unprecedented number of innovation projects have emerged, trying to gain its market share. In the same vein, the technical revolution has shown a real transforming force of existing realities and a discoverer of unknown places and new paradigms, makings us question and reconsider our principles, rules and our conception of social living, from the perspective of contribution, collaboration and communication to improve the world that has become so small. On the basis of the above, we intend with this essay to conduct a legal analysis of the new paradigm offered by the blockchain technology, the cryptocurrencies and, in specific, the regulatory responses to this new and challenging market, taking into consideration the deepening of the awareness of the flexible and dynamic mechanisms of regulation, such as Soft Law and auto-regulation.