YEAR 2017 N.º 2

ISSN 2182-9845

3D Printing and Copyright

Maria Victória Rocha


3D printing; copyright protected work; infringement of moral and patrimonial copyrights; protection measures; free uses; makers movement.


The various technologies of 3D printing revolutionize the forms of production and consumption, making us enter a totally different era, which will have its culmination in "Make it yourself", now possible in some measure, but with potential for exponential growth. This contributes to the 4th Industrial Revolution. Companies already produce objects on demand, close to distribution and consumption, without the costs and risks of transportation and storage. Consumers can have immediate access to objects printed in 3D, or make them themselves. 3D printing poses several issues to Intellectual Property. In this introductory text we intend to analyze only a few issues related to Copyright. In particular, the extent to which works carried out using these technologies can be considered as protected works, what infringements may make possible, in particular through CAD / BIM file platforms, the possibilities of mitigating infringements and the free uses. We also intend to give an account of the various players in the 3D market and the relations they establish with each other, with particular emphasis on the makers movement and their effects on the existing manufacturers.