YEAR 2014 N.º 2

ISSN 2182-9845

The right to decide on their own health. Special reference to the disabled

Judith Solé Resina


Informed consent; rights to health; disability; patient rights; medical treatment; consent by proxy


The regulatory landscape concerning patient rights is really complex. In recent years they have been thriving multitude of rules of international , national and regional level governing the matter . In light of the United Nations Convention of 13 December 2006 on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities be ruled out , start, the ability to consent to treatment or medical intervention may be granted by representation or substitution and review the cases covered by the laws that exist in the Spanish territory , and also by the state Basic Law 41/2002 of 14 November, regulating patient autonomy and rights and obligations of clinical information and documentation . The guarantee of the exercise of this right offer corresponding rule of law passes to facilitate everyone measures necessary assistance and support to enable their proper exercise.