YEAR 2014 N.º 2

ISSN 2182-9845

The elderly and the taxation of income in 2014

Ana Sofia Carvalho


IElderly; Taxation; Income; Tax benefits


This article aims to analyze, in 2014, the main rules affecting the taxation of seniors in income, according to an approach made ​​to the Tax Code on the Personal Income and the Tax Benefits Statute. Simultaneously a brief analysis of the tax benefits of related entities with the elderly (e.g. pension funds) shall be made, along with a very brief reference to the taxation of some important goods and services to the senior within Value Added Tax (VAT).

After this analysis, particularly in income taxation, we shall see that already many issues related to the elderly were taken into account in the tax laws, many of them leading to a remission of tax. In any case, we can denote a tendency of decrease in tax benefits, besides the introduction of extraordinary contributions, either for political or for economic reasons, situations that can contribute to greater instability of the elderly.

Regarding VAT, although praising the taxation of certain goods and services at a reduced rate, it should be taken into consideration a comprehensive overview of the life of the elderly and accordingly, promote, wherever possible, the taxation of essential goods at a reduced rates.