YEAR 2008

ISBN 978-989-95312-0-8

World Theater: What's Life? A Play of passion: Stage Places, City Spaces

Nuno Pinto Ribeiro et. al



Autors: Nuno Pinto Ribeiro,  Jorge Croce Rivera, Martial Poirson, Jenny Tiramani, Marcel Freydefont, Maria Gabriela Ferreira, Vítor Oliveira Jorge, Rute Teixeira Pedro, João Mendes Ribeiro, Cristina Marinho, Carlos Pimenta, Carlos Carvalheiro, João Capela, Simon Donger, Romain Jobez, Marisalva Fernandes Fávero, Cristina Costa, José Manuel Martins, David Pinho Barros

This publication ends the founding period of the Centro de Estudos Teatrais of the University of Porto, which, since 2005, has been training the possibilities of a tridisciplinary dialogue, in 2007 focused on architecture. This third publication brings together contributions whose diversity is unified by the broad understanding of the Theater in its languages, text, staging, scenography, as in the raised theories of drama and legislation on creativity, even in its multiple urban projection. Here again, CETUP illustrates the movement towards opening up acting companies, consolidating at the same time a constant body of national researchers and interesting international partnerships.

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