YEAR 2005

ISBN 972-40-2645-0

Social Housing

Glória Teixeira (coord.)



The texts now published correspond to two research projects carried out by the CIJ (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Justice) at the request of the Porto City Council in a new area we call "Social Housing".
The first, called "Legal-Economic Studies for a Draft Municipal Social Housing Regulation", deals with the socially and economically very sensitive subject of social housing and was completed in November 2003. Now that almost two years have passed, the study carried out maintains all the time, at a time when it is precisely discussing the adequacy of the legislation applicable to social housing.
The second, smaller and subsequent project, entitled "Legal and Economic Studies for a draft Storage and Garage Lease Regulation located in the Porto City Hall housing groups", was completed in November 2004. It emerges as a complementary study to the first, although it is already moving away from the "core" of social housing, and is tributary to all the legal and economic survey carried out on the occasion.
We have therefore opted for their joint publication, given the patent complementarity and sequential character we always attribute to them.
As the CIJ is an independent research centre, its researchers' main mission was to develop technical work, devoid of ideological or political considerations, with the ultimate aim of making a serious and valid contribution to solving the problems posed by the city's social housing stock from Porto.
The set of legal and economic studies carried out would not have been possible without the participation of many actors and institutions outside the ICJE. Their contribution was essential for a thorough knowledge of the social and human realities of the housing stock of the city of Porto, highlighting the work of the Municipal Housing Department of the City Council. Finally, we thank Porto City Council for the opportunity given and the effort made to understand and accept a young but committed research group in your city.

Gloria Teixeira
CIJ Coordinator (FDUP)

Livraria Almedina