YEAR 2021

ISBN 978-84-290-2554-5

Ephemeral art and copyright

Isabel Espín Alba


Law / Civil Law / Intellectual Property


This monograph presents the keys to the protection of ephemeral art as a visual work by copyright. To do so, it analyses the most recent case law - both EU and national - on the subject of copyright, with the ephemeral medium as the protagonist, and then delves into two types of ephemeral art that have common aesthetic language codes but which, at the same time, are clearly distinguishable in their legal problems. On the one hand, she studies the Valencian Fallas, underlining the intersections between intellectual property and intangible cultural heritage and, on the other hand, she moves the focus to certain manifestations of contemporary art, with special attention to urban art, in terms of both graffiti and other manifestations fundamentally related to muralism. Isabel Espín Alba is Professor of Civil Law at the University of Santiago de Compostela. With an outstanding academic career and a constant scientific production reflected in more than a hundred works, one of her main lines of research is intellectual property, for which she has dealt with topics such as the literary publishing contract or orphan works, among many others. A guest lecturer at prestigious Spanish and foreign universities, she is a member and member of ASEDA (Association for the Study and Teaching of Copyright) and a member of the APDC (Association of Civil Law Professors).