YEAR 2020

ISBN 9789724085418

Marriage and Heritage in International Private Relations

Helena Mota


Private International Law; Matrimonial Property Regimes; Regulation 2016/1103


On 29 January 2019, Council Regulation (EU) 2016/1103 of 24 June 2016 came into force in Portugal. The Regulation implemented an enhanced cooperation in the area of applicable law, jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of decisions in matters of matrimonial property regimes. With the entry into force of the new European Regulation many aspects of the property life of international couples will change. Others will remain. The purpose of this book is, thus, to contribute to the clarification of the problems thar arise, on the patrimony level, from the international reality of couples, before and after the entry into force of the new Regulation (EU) 2016/1103.

Editor: Almedina