Webinar: The legal context of graffiti

June 25, 2020

  • Graffiti: Analysis of its possible protection by the intellectual property law in Spain
    • José Domingo Portero Lameiro (CIJ/Universidad de Cadiz)
  • The intersection between Urban Art and Counterculture in the field of Subvertising or Adbusting: freedom of speech and cultural creation
    • Maria Eduarda Serrano Fagundes (FDUP)
  • The reproduction of street art as an element of other artistic works: issues and experiences in Portuguese and Brazilian Law
    • António Gonçalves/Ivan Sales (FDUP)
  • The right to the integrity of the artistic work: real cases and opportunities applicable to graph
    • Alberto Hidalgo Cerezo (UNED Madrid)
  • The StreetArtCEI project and the paradox of investigating a marginal culture
    • Clara Sarmento (CEI/ISCAP)
Moderation: Maria Raquel Guimarães (CIJ/FDUP)