Seminar - Vulnerability and rights: gender and diversity


October 30, 2020

10 am - Opening
Paulo de Tarso Domingues, FDUP Dean (*)
Maria Regina Redinha, President of CIJ
Chair of the meeting: Luísa Neto (FDUP and CIJ) (*)
10:30 am - Discussion of the social and individual context
Chair: Teresa Fragoso (Specialist in Gender and Public Policy)
What I am: the notion of self - Rui Vieira Cunha (FLUP and UCP)
The linguistic implications of identity - Rui Sousa Silva (FLUP) (*)
Gender and sexual diversity: discussion of individual and social relevance - Conceição Nogueira, Co-Director of the Doctoral Program in Human Sexuality at UP (FPCEUP) (*)
In the first person - Eleanor Good (International School Utrecht)
Hidden diversity: the case of LGBTI elderly people- Jorge Gracia Ibañez (School of Criminology/FDUP) (*)
14h - The discussion of legal recognition
Chair: Anabela Costa Leão (FDUP and CIJ) (*)
The potential for discrimination - Clara Sottomayor (STJ) (*)
Fundamental rights and gender identity - Inês Espinhaço Gomes (UCP-Porto) (*)
Person rights and discussion of a gender policy - Mafalda Miranda Barbosa (DDF)
The remaining challenge of the (difficult) realization of material equality between spouses - Rute Teixeira Pedro (CIJ-FDUP) (*)
From Gender to Justice- Teresa Féria de Almeida (STJ and President of the Association of Women Lawyers)
16:30 - Discussion of legal recognition II
Chair: Jorge Gracia Ibáñez (School of Criminology and FDUP) (*)
The hate speech in Criminal Law - do we need neocriminalizations? - André Lamas Leite (FDUP- CIJ) (*)
Conscientious objection to educational content - João Pacheco de Amorim (FDUP) (*)
Gender diversity in legal-family relationships - Rossana Cruz (EDUM and JusGOV) (*)
The record implications - Rute Pinheiro (IRN) (*)
(*) In-person participation
18h - Presentation of conclusions
Luísa Neto (FDUP and CIJ) (*)
CIJ- FDUP ORGANISATION - Right, People and Power Research Line
Project - Vulnerability and Diversity: Fundamental Rights in Context (2018-2022)
Anabela Costa Leão | Jorge Gracia Ibañez | Luísa Neto