Specialisation Course: The Disciplinary Labour Procedure

Specialisation Course

Purpose: To provide specialised training on the specific topic of dismissal due to a fact attributable to the worker, i.e. a just cause for dismissal

November 24th and 29th and December 6th, 2017

Scientific Coordination
Francisco Liberal Fernandes
Regina Redinha
Pedro Ferreira de Sousa
PLMJ Protocol - CIJ /FDUP

Recipients: students and holders of Law or Solicitor Degrees, or areas related to the Practice of Labour Law.

1st SESSION: The Just Cause for Dismissal
2nd SESSION: The Disciplinary Procedure
3rd SESSION: The Dismissal Challenge

Number of participants
Min .: 20 and Max .: 30

Duration: 9 hours of classroom training (3 sessions of 3 hours each)

Schedule: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm