José Augusto Mouteira Guerreiro

Collaborater Researcher

PhD in Law from the Universidade Portucalense.

After completing his law degree (22/10/1963), he pursued his career as a Registral, having worked in Celorico de Basto, Vila Verde, Esposende and Porto. He also held other duties: lawyer, judge of criminal instruction, inspector of registries and notary and member of the Technical Council. 

He was a professor of Register Law at the Faculty of Law of Coimbra (1989 to 2004), in Aveiro and in various postgraduate courses and training. Since 2007 he has been a professor at the Department of Law at the Universidade Portucalense. CIJ researcher, member of CENoR and other institutes.

He has published books, papers in international congresses and articles in various magazines and collections.