International Conference | Criminology of War: Exploring Dimensions, Facing Challenges - Abstract submission until 20th May

Date: 22nd July 2024

Venue: Faculty of Law, University of Porto

The International Conference Criminology of War: Exploring Dimensions, Facing Challenges aims to present the results of the FCT-funded InJUSTiceWar project (ref. 2022.05692.PTDC; DOI 10.54499/2022.05692.PTDC) and provide an opportunity for people interested in the study of crimes related to war contexts and their implications for society to share their knowledge, contributing to a multidisciplinary understanding of this phenomenon.


  1. Knowledge Sharing: To facilitate the sharing of scientific knowledge derived from studies dedicated to crimes related to war circumstances.
  2. Multidisciplinary Dialogue: To cultivate collaborative relationships between people interested in the study of crimes related to war contexts, promoting multidisciplinary reflections to address their multifaceted nature.
  3. Dissemination of Knowledge: To promote the dissemination of knowledge and ongoing research on crimes related to war circumstances, ensuring their accessibility to the community.
The Organisation of the International Conference invites the submission of communication proposals to be framed within one of the following areas of interest (or another, related to the proposals):
  • Historical perspectives on crimes related to periods of war.
  • Legal frameworks, international humanitarian law and international criminal law.
  • Prosecution and accountability mechanisms.
  • Sentencing studies in war cases;
  • Gender perspectives on war and crimes.
  • Post-conflict reconciliation and transitional justice.
  • War, victims and offenders.
  • Media representations and public perceptions of war-related crimes.
  • Memory and post-memory of war crimes.
The list is not intended to be exhaustive, so we encourage the submission of other topics that fall within the general theme of the conference.

Conference languages: Portuguese and English

War Criminology: Exploring Dimensions, Addressing Challenges International Conference 
Submission procedure:
Send an abstract, up to 300 words, plus a biography, up to 250 words, by 20 May 2024, using the following form:

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Important Dates 
Abstract submission deadline: 20 May
Notification of Acceptance: 4th June
Registration: until 17 June 2024 (free of charge)
Final Programme: 30 June 2024
Conference dates: 22 July 2024

Conference Organising Committee 
The InJUSTiceWar Research Team
  • Fátima da Cruz Rodrigues (PI)
  • Maria Leonor Esteves (co-PI)
  • Joaquim José da Cunha Roberto (R)
  • Pedro Sousa (R)
  • Ana Guerreiro (R)
  • Jorge Ibáñez (R)
  • Daniel Cândido (BI)
  • Filipa Pinto (BI)
If you have any questions, please contact:

Call for Abstracts