Presentation of the CIJ book "Digital Law 2.0"

FDUP's Amphitheatre 1.28

14 May 2024

The presentation of the book "Direito Digital 2.0" will take place on 30 April at 4pm.

This book compiles twelve master's dissertations defended at the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto, in the area of Digital Law, carried out as part of the project "It's a wonderful (digital) world: Law in a digital and technological society", which is taking place at the CIJ.

That afternoon, the authors will present the topics covered in the compilation.

The work "Direito Digital 2.0" was coordinated by CIJ and researchers Raquel Guimarães, Rute Teixeira Pedro and Regina Redinha, and organised by Fernanda Magalhães (PhD student in Law at FDUP, junior researcher at CIJ and FCT research fellow).

Presenting the event will be Tiago Azevedo Ramalho, CIJ researcher.

The event takes place in Amphitheatre 1.28.  Admission is free.