Edson Pacheco

Junior Researcher

PhD in Human Ecology and Socio-Environmental Management from the State University of Bahia. PhD student in Criminology at the University of Porto. Master in Forensic Expertise from the University of Pernambuco. He has a degree in Accounting Sciences from the Federal University of Amazonas (1997), a degree in Law from the State University of Bahia (2008) and a specialization in Execution of Public Security Policies. Retired Federal Police Criminal Expert. He is an assistant professor at the Law Course at the Faculty of Petrolina. He was a Federal Police Papilloscopist and Flight Equipment Specialist Sergeant in the Brazilian Air Force. Member of the Research Group "Law, Institutions and Social Dynamics" registered with the CNPQ. He has experience in the areas of Accounting, Law, Criminalistics, Forensic Expertise, Criminology, Legal Medicine, Legal and Criminal Psychology and Education. He currently works as Secretary of Finance for the Municipality of Juazeiro / BA, as well as a Judicial Expert and Technical Assistant.