Inês Sousa Guedes

Integrated Researcher

Graduated in Criminology from the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto in 2009, completed a Master's degree in 2012, and a Doctorate in 2017, all at the same institution. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto, teaching in both the undergraduate and master's programs in Criminology. She is an integrated member of the CIJ at the FDUP and a collaborating member of the Center for Legal, Economic, and Environmental Studies (CEJEA). She is the Vice-President of the Pedagogical Council of FDUP since 2018, is a member of the Ethics Committee of the same Faculty, and is also part of the Scientific Committee of the first cycle of studies in Criminology at the same Faculty. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Portuguese Language Criminology (AICLP). She edited in 2021 the work 'Cybercrime: New Challenges, Offenses, and Solutions,' published by Pactor Publishing, and has published various articles in the field of security, cybercrime, and fear of crime, both nationally and internationally, in high-impact peer-reviewed journals. Additionally, she has been a speaker at criminological conferences such as the European Society of Criminology (EUROCRIM) and the Stockholm Criminology Symposium. In recent years, she has participated in various projects in the field of urban security, innovative methodologies in the study of fear of crime, and was recently the PI in projects on disinformation, funded by the University of Cardiff.