Junior Researchers

Mariana Sebastião Machado

Junior Researcher

Mariana Sebastião Machado holds a Master's degree (2020) and a Bachelor's degree (2017) in Criminology from the Faculty of Law, University of Porto. Currently, she is pursuing her Ph.D. in Criminology at FDUP, and her Ph.D. research project, focused on aggressive behavior, was awarded a doctoral scholarship from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (2021.04650.BD). Since 2021, she has been an invited lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Porto, teaching in the 1st Cycle of Criminology Studies, specifically in Quantitative Methods and Experimental Criminology. 
Mariana's main interests are related to the theme of aggression and quantitative research, and, in this scope, she has been participating in Research Projects emphasizing different themes in Criminology, being a member of international scientific associations (e.g., International Society for Research on Aggression) and working groups (e.g., European Working Group on Quantitative Methods in Criminology).