The European Law Institute Portuguese Hub is based at the CIJ!

The ELI (European Law Institute), founded in June 2011, is an independent, democratic and member-based organisation with a wide network of more than 1,600 individual members and more than 140 institutional members, including the CIJ. Its members include judges, academics, legal professionals, government officials as well as policy makers. Together, they form a unique European legal community of more than 60 different countries in Europe and beyond. ELI aims to contribute to the improvement of European legal development in a global context. Its activities cover all areas of law. It pursues its objectives by initiating, conducting and facilitating research, mainly through projects. The Institute's extensive and diverse network of members and externals uniquely positions it to issue well-considered recommendations and practical guidance on legal issues. ELI's work has influenced European legislation, as well as laws at national and international level.

The ELI Portuguese Hub, set up at the initiative of the CIJ in August 2023, has the mission of bringing ELI closer to its members in Portugal, facilitating the discussion, sharing and monitoring of legal developments in Portugal and encouraging the production of proposals for ELI projects, serving as a two-way channel between ELI and its Associates in Portugal. It also contributes to stimulating European legal development in all branches and, in a global context, to improving knowledge of European Union law in Portugal.
According to the respective Act of Establishment, the ELI Portuguese Hub will be based at the CIJ between 2023 and 2025.