YEAR 2023

ISBN 978-989-35044-5-1

A Arte Saiu à Rua: A Tutela Jurídica dos Graffiti

Maria Raquel Guimarães & Maria Regina Redinha (Coord.)


street art; copyright; graffiti; work of art; copyright limits


Graffiti cannot be discovered in a single reading or a single view. Although often perceived as a crime/illicit act, they are also considered a huge and plural artistic movement on a global level. The rapid and exponential evolution of this form of expression in the last decades has revealed its real artistic face: after invading the streets of cities all over the world, it has entered art galleries and graffiti artists have reached the status of artists.

In this changing reality, this book aims to answer some questions about street art in various fields of law, not forgetting its sociological, cultural, criminological, and economic approach. Are there rights in urban art? Art? What art? Who has rights? Who is responsible for their defense?