YEAR 2022

ISBN 978-84-290-2701-3

Urban art, intellectual property and industrial property

Luis Antonio Anguita Villanueva, Maria Regina Redinha, Isabel Espín Alba, Susana Navas Navarro, Andrés Domínguez Luelmo, Elena M. Vicente Domingo, Maria Raquel Guimarães, Ana Clara Azevedo de Amorim, Jorge Ortega Doménech, Suso 33


ephemeral art, ephemeral art, copyright, graffiti, graffiti, limits to copyright, work of art, copyright law


Graffiti and street art are subject to a multitude of legal tensions. They are works that are in legal and economic traffic, encompassing the interests of third parties, of the owners of the media and of the authors themselves. This work arises from the protagonism of the latter. This monograph studies how intellectual and industrial property cover this type of creations, highlighting how they contemplate, protect and regulate these types of works which, for some time now, have formed part of the culture of the end of the 20th century and the whole of the 21st century.