YEAR 2022

ISBN 9789894004769

Regulation of FinTech Corporate Finance - In particular Crowdfunding and Initial Coin Offering

João Vieira dos Santos


regulation; FinTech; Crowdfunding; Initial Coin Offering


This work that is now published corresponds to the result of a doctoral research that focused on FinTech forms of corporate financing. In the last decade, the FinTech phenomenon has been growing steadily, attracting the attention of legislators and authorities, mainly due to the legal challenges raised by the use of emerging technologies and new business models. New regulatory instruments, such as innovation hubs and regulatory sandboxes, have entered the current lexicon of the financial sector. This justifies the appropriate legal framework for these figures and the identification of a regulatory approach for FinTech forms of corporate financing that ensures a balance between the protection of investors and financial stability, on the one hand, and the promotion of innovation, on the other.