Conference - Legal Consequences of the Illicit-Typical Fact and the Law of Execution of Criminal Reactions: New and Old Challenges

Faculty of Law of the University of Porto

16 February, 2022

The areas of the legal consequences of the illicit-typical fact and the Law of Execution of Criminal Reactions have been the subject of less doctrinal reflection than other sectors of the so-called "joint science of Criminal Law", when their practical importance is recognised by all.
Thus, the FDUP, through CIJ, is holding this conference, centred on these two main axes, which will be attended by university professors and magistrates, seeking to articulate the political-criminal and dogmatic perspective with jurisprudential application, on 16 February, from 9.30 am.

Depending on the evolution of the pandemic situation, the format in which it will take place will be decided. The aim is that it will be face-to-face, with prior registration free of charge, in order to respect the indications of the DGS.

The attendance is free of charge upon registration through the form available here.

You can find the agenda below.