YEAR 2022|1

LAW, SCIENCE AND SCIENCE OF LAW: Research Paper for an Inter-epistemology

Cândido da Agra


law; science; science of law 


Question: about himself and his behavior, what does Sapiens, Homo, know? Ecce: fragments of chaotic discourses scattered over disciplinary islands sown in seas of ignorance. Reasons? Among others, the gnosiological gap between two systems of thought: Science and Law, the knowledge of facts and the knowledge of norms. Purpose? Take part in the architectural design of human experience as a tragic harmony of facts, norms and values; of thought, action and events, of nature, society and culture. Here are presented the first outlines for a constitutive program of systematic intercommunicability, capable of bridging the gap between asymmetrical systems of thought: the conjecture of an inter-epistemology.

Table of contents

ISSN: 2975-836X