YEAR 2016

ISBN 9789897461088

Labour Law - Summary Notes

Jorge Leite


Labour Law


Summary notes of the lessons of the 3rd Legal year of the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra

Table of contents

The present summary notes are a summary of the lessons of the 3rd legal year of the Law course, with limited and clear objectives: the aim is to make available to the students the fundamental elements that can serve as guidance and a basis for preparation for the discipline of Labour Law and prevent the consequences of a disorderly research.
These summary notes are not self-sufficient and, of course, they need to be completed with personal work of the students.
On the other hand, the Portuguese bibliography is not abundant, and, to a large extent, it is "biased" for more than 4 decades of corporate regime that completely disfigured the true physiognomy of Labor Law.
Finally, we welcome the unanimous decision of students and teachers to include the Labor Law course in the curriculum of the 3rd legal year, starting in the academic year of 1974/75.

Coimbra, May 1976

Organisation and Coordination
Francisco Liberal Fernandes
Maria Raquel Guimarães
Maria Regina Redinha