YEAR 2021

ISBN 978-989-746-300-6

Digital Law

Maria Raquel Guimarães, Rute Teixeira Pedro e Maria Regina Redinha (Coordination) & Fernanda Magalhães (Organization)


Smart contract, Smart cars, platforms, Telemedicine, PSD, Youtube, GRDP, Big Data


The technological developments of the last decades have deeply changed everyday life from the family and individual spheres into the professional and collective spheres. In many fields, the signs of this new age are clearly noticed and continuously challenge law. To name only a couple of these digital novelties, we may recall the new products with increasing degrees of artificial intelligence and the new social media promoted by the use of internet. Legal problems that emerge from the digitalization of the world are multiple and complex, as they emerge from the movement of dematerialization and erosion of the state and spatial barriers promoted by the new technological devices.