YEAR 2021

ISBN 9781839700828

Coronavirus and the Law in Europe

Marta Santos Silva et al.



Coronavirus and the Law in Europe is probably the largest academic publication on the impact of pandemics on the law. This academic endeavour is a joint, collaborative effort to structure the recent and ongoing legal developments into a coherent and pan-European overview on coronavirus and the law. It covers practically all European countries and legal disciplines and comprises contributions from more than 80 highly reputed European academics and practitioners.

With contributions by Marta Santos Silva (Maastricht University, The Netherlands; KU Leuven, Belgium), Maria Regina Redinha and Maria Raquel Guimarães (University of Porto, Portugal).
Editors: Ewoud Hondius,  Marta Santos Silva,  Andrea Nicolussi,  Pablo Salvador Coderch,  Christiane Wendehorst,  Fryderyk Zoll