The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Justice (CIJ) is a Research and Development Unit integrated in the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto (FDUP). Its main mission is to promote and develop research in legal areas, both nationally and internationally.
It began its training process in 1998 and began its scientific activity in 1999, with recognition and financial support from the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) - Contract UIDB/00443/2020
 Throughout this journey, CIJ has participated in national and international projects, in partnership with Portuguese and foreign universities and organisations and has provided services to the national and international community of significant relevance and impact.
At the same time, CIJ, through its researchers, has provided ongoing collaboration to the FDUP, promoting and actively participating in post-graduate and masters' courses in various areas of law and criminology.
In addition, since its foundation, this Research Unit has hosted dozens of visiting researchers from various foreign institutions.
It branches its research into two lines: (1) Law, Business & Market, which encompasses studies on Labour Law, Business Law, Social Law and Consumer Rights, on Civil and Professional Liability and on Tax Law, (2) Law, People & Power, which encompasses studies related to the emergence of new rights or new objects for Law, studies on public policies and regulation, on religious freedom, on Europe in the international and national context, on Administrative Law and on family property and succession relations, and (3) Crime, Security and Victimisation, which encopasses studies on justice and social control, antissocial and deviant behaviour, security and criminality and victimology.
Its research activity also focuses on the guidance of research projects, Master's, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral, disseminating their results nationally and internationally, through the organization and participation in conferences.
Finally, it is important to mention the Electronic Law Review (RED), a publication of the FDUP and CIJ, which is published every four months and already has 32 volumes.
Currently, CIJ is composed of a team of 115 researchers, coordinated by Professor Graça Enes, who also includes Professor Anabela Costa Leão, Professor Sandra Oliveira e Silva, Professor José Reis, Professor Tiago Ramalho, Professor Jorge Quintas and Professor Rita Faria.