International Conference Taxpayers and the Tax Authority

Faculty of Law of the University of Porto

April 27, 2018

The Faculty of Law of the University of Porto promoted, on April 27, 2018, the International Conference “Taxpayers and the Tax Authority”, with the basic objective of contributing to a better understanding of the role of trust in preventing tax evasion, demonstrating that a relationship of trust between taxpayers and the tax authority is a significant element in the fulfillment of tax duties.
This Seminar is geared to the acquisition of specific skills in the field of personal data protection, enabling, within the framework of specialized training, the acquisition and deepening of the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the application, in different institutional contexts, of the Data Protection Regulation.
Participating in this scientific event were, among other renowned academics and economic and judicial actors, distinguished foreign guest speakers, with whom, in a meeting on the fringes of the Conference, it will seek to cement scientific relationships with a view to hold future events and publications. of strong national and international relevance. The theme and guest speaker panels certainly attracted an interested audience, not limited to FDUP, combining the practice of academic research with the public domain.