Comissão Permanente de Aconselhamento Científico

Arroyo Amayuelas, Esther


Professor of Civil and Comparative Law at the University of Barcelona (since 2003), she has relevant skills for research and educational proposals as shown by different National and European Projects, i. a, those that deepen legal knowledge on the building and development of European Private Law: from 2002-2007 she obtained a Jean Monnet module; and from 2015-2018 a Jean Monnet Chair. Fellow of the German DAAD (2003), the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2006-2007) and the European Law Institute (2010), she has also been Visiting Scholar at different National, American, European and Asian Universities. She currently teaches European and Spanish Contract Law at the UB and also for foreign lawyers at the U. Münster and cooperates with a Legal Clinical Educational Project at the University of Barcelona, which focuses on Housing and Mortgages. She has also been appointed as Member of the Contract Law Section of the Catalan Government’s General Commission of Codification (2011-2017). As a former Member of the Acquis Group she has been involved in the development of European Private Law through the network of Excellence created by the EU’s 6th Research Program (2005-2009). She has produced reports for the European Parliament within the Trans Europe Experts Association (2012, 2015) and previously as a Member of different international teams (2003, 2007). Her responsibilities include a role in the evaluation of Research Projects at National Level. Since 2014, she coordinates the UB-UAB Catalan Civil Law Consolidated Research Group of the Generalitat de Catalunya.