Pedro Sousa

Collaborator Researcher

Pedro Sousa holds a PhD in Economics (ISEG, University of Lisbon).
Developing its activity mainly inside the Criminology Department, he is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto (FDUP), where he is Director of the master’s degree Program in Criminology and member of the Scientific Council of FDUP and of its Representatives Board. He gives lectures at the Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, at the Master’s degree in criminology and at the Master’s Degree in Law.
He has been teaching in Portugal and abroad courses on Statistics, Methodology, Organized Crime, Economics, and Game Theory. Currently, he develops research in Criminology and specifically on the following topics: economic and financial crimes; organized crime; costs of crime; relationships between tax authority and taxpayers; evaluation research of intervention programs in crime and justice. He publishes regularly on those topics in peer-review journals and gives talks in conferences mainly abroad.
He served the European Society of Criminology as a member of the Executive Board. And at this date, he is the principal investigator at the research project MiscRISK and is member of the European Society of Criminology, of the American Society of Criminology and of the EUROC (European working group on Organizational Crime). He is affiliated with the Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Crime, Justice and Security (CJS) and with the Centre for Legal Research (CIJ).

ORCID: 0000-0001-8859-7195.
CiênviaVItae: 2A1E-17B1-955E