Scientific Board

Paulo Magalhães

Integrated Researcher

Jurist and researcher at CIJ - Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Justice - University of Porto. He holds a Degree in Law by the Catholic University of Porto, a post-degree in Environmental Law by the University of Coimbra, Ph.D. in Human Ecology from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Nova University of Lisbon. In 2020 he finished a Pos-Doc about the legal status of climate and the structural roots of climate emergency, based on the current framework of Common Concern of Humankind approach to climate change vs the initial proposal of Common Heritage of Humankind by the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto.
In 2007, published "The Earth Condominium: From Climate Change to a New Juridic Conception of the Planet". In 2016, is co-editor of the "SOS Treaty - The Safe Operating Space Treaty: A New Approach to Managing Our Use of the Earth System". He is the Founder and President of Common Home of Humanity, an International Association that is based in the University of Porto, and proposes a new global legal framework based on new knowledge about the functioning of the Earth System.
He is a member of Task Force on Earth System Law, of the Earth System Governance, Ethics Specialist Group of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law and co-founder of ELGA – Environmental Law and Governance Association. He was one of the founders of Quercus - National Association for the Conservation of Nature as well as co-founder and member of the General Counsel of the Portuguese NGO, ZERO - Sustainable Earth System Association. He is Counselor of CNADS - National Council for Environment and Sustainable Development.