João Pacheco de Amorim

Integrated Researcher

The Prof. Doctor João Pacheco de Amorim holds a PhD in Public Law from the Faculty of Law of Coimbra (2005) and Professor at the Faculty of Law of Porto since 1997, where he currently governs the subjects of Economic Law and Public Procurement (undergraduate degree); He also teaches at the Faculty of Economics of Porto and the School of Management of Porto, in a collaborative manner, legal disciplines in the area of ​​administrative law of economics in various master's and postgraduate courses. He has participated as a speaker in multiple seminars held in Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon and abroad on the Public Procurement Code, the Municipal Companies Law and the Administrative Litigation Reform, among other topics. He has an extensive published work on Administrative Law, Constitutional Law and Economic Law. He is a Specialist Lawyer in Administrative Law (title of the Bar), also dedicated to administrative arbitration. He has been a researcher at the Center for Legal Research (CIJ) at the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto since 1998.