Alberto Pimentel

Integrated Researcher

Alberto Manuel Ferreira Pimentel, is from Oporto and was born on 9/16/1958. He has a degree in Psychology, a master's degree and a doctorate in Criminology. He has been active in the social reintegration and criminal prevention of young people and adults serving community sentences in the community for over 35 years. He held management roles at the former Social Reinsertion Institute, the General Directorate of Reinsertion and Prison Services, both of the Ministry of Justice, and the former Drug Addiction Prevention and Treatment Service, of the Ministry of Health. He has been teaching higher education for 27 years at the Superior Institute of Health Sciences of North and at Maia University, where he has taught subjects in the areas of rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders in justice contexts and victimology. He was an expert for ACODESS - Association de Coopération pour le Dévelopment des Services de Santé - in the support plan carried out by the Council of Europe for the restructuring of several drug treatment institutions in the Federal State of Brazil. He implemented, as a representative of the Ministry of Justice, the Commissions for the Protection of Children and Young People in the Judicial District of Oporto and represented the Ministry of Justice on the Board of Directors of Corpus Christi, a child support institution. He was a founding partner and director of the Association for Health Promotion – Norte Vida, an institution for prevention, treatment and harm reduction in the area of drug addiction. He has developed relevant activity and published several works within the scope of assessing the risks/needs of offenders, criminal recidivism and sexual violence. Currently he carries out supervision activities in the assessment of sexual offenders and carries out the first structured program aimed at sexual offenders within the scope of penalties and enforcement measures in the community.