Gilda Santos

Integrated Researcher

Gilda Santos holds a Ph.D. (2021), a Master's (2015), and a Bachelor's degree (2012) in Criminology, from the Faculty of Law, University of Porto. Her Ph.D. research project, focusing on the scientific evaluation of early developmental prevention programs, was awarded a doctoral scholarship from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (SFRH/BD/129509/2017). In 2023, Gilda Santos became Assistant Professor in Criminology at the School of Criminology, Faculty of Law, University of Porto. As part of her research activities, Gilda Santos is a researcher at CIJ - Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Justice, based at the Faculty of Law, University of Porto. She develops scientific research in the field of criminology, with a special focus on the areas of juvenile delinquency, experimental criminology, and developmental criminology and prevention, particularly concerning the development, implementation, and evaluation of intervention and prevention programs for antisocial behavior aimed at children and youth. She has participated in several research projects and scientific meetings, both national and international, and has several publications in the field of criminology. Since 2014, Gilda Santos is the General Secretary of AICLP - International Association of Portuguese Language Criminology.